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Orkdal Municipality (Utløpt)

This page contains information in English about Orkdal municipality.

Facts about Orkdal Municipality

Orkdal is a 593 square miles municipality, 42 km south of Trondheim, and is the home of 11.101 citizens (01.08.2008). The municipality is one of the leading industrial communities in the middle part of Norway, and serves as a regional center for about 40 000 people in the area of Sør-Trøndelag.

Orkanger – the senter of the municipality – has the facilities of much larger cities. Orkdal hospital is part of the St.Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, and is reconned to be both modern and effective. The upper secondary school of Orkdal (Orkdal Vidaregåande skole) has a teaching and administrative staff of about 100, and approximately 500 students get their degree here.

In Orkanger you will also find an office of The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). NAV offers help in all aspects of both working and staying in Norway. For futher information, visit NAV's homepage (link in the right column).

The local police force is situated in Orkanger.

Map of Orkdal municipality

Contact information

Town hall

Allfarveien 5,

            7300 Orkanger

Phone: 72 48 30 00

e-mail: postmottak@

Orkdal kommune, Rådhuset - Alfarveien 5, 7301 Orkanger, tlf: 72 48 30 00, e-post: , 958 731 558